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HLP Klearfold January/February

HLP Klearfold, the Flexible solution to your packaging requirements 

2016 is looking to be another tough year for trading so why not let HLP Klearfold help you revamp your packaging with a fresh new look to help increase your customer base and sales.

Here at HLP Klearfold our Sales Managers will work closely with you, our client, to help calculate forecast statistics and so we can supply  your seasonal/annual packaging requirements for stock holding. This will allow you to have the flexibility to call in your packaging as and when required in the knowledge that it will be available for immediate despatch.

Alternatively we can schedule in production slots on a monthly basis which will allow for increase /decrease on quantity as well as flexibility in print.

This solution also provides greater economies of scale, allowing for increased margins and a competitive edge.

HLP Klearfold products can be versatile and can also be used for other applications for example as a solution to keep high quality packaging looking good. It can also be used to cover existing packaging with a clear pack, designed to perfectly encase the product packaging almost like a second skin, with the benefit of total transparency, This gives protection and added security.

Our potential market is vast, anything that’s packaged we can cover with clear safe transparent packaging . Confectionary and chocolates are another good  example of food items that can benefit from being  displayed , the consumer likes to see what they are buying, all too often you see people in supermarkets sliding back the sleeve on ready meals to view the content. Providing the food is already covered we can supply the window and print in up to 13 colours in one pass. If the product can be seen this discourages the consumer from opening the product in-store, preventing damage to the product’s  packaging which results in it being discounted prior to sale. 

Here at HLP we are constantly striving to reduce wastage. Product packaging is determined for the best part on the size of the product to be packed, we work on optimising pack size to reduce our packaging raw materials usage. Small changes can impact on the sheet optimization and so, as well as acting responsibly on global impact, we make you some savings.

Let’s work together in 2016 to improve packaging, reduce costs, and take care of the environment

Tel: +49 (0) 4101 858 24 22

Email: sales@hlpklearfold.de

Web: www.hlpklearfold.de

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